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Holly Hart Anderson

Holly Hart Anderson

Holly's biography is coming soon.



Sue Bready

I became interested in garment sewing in my young teens. I realized how much farther my clothing dollar would go if I made my clothes rather than buying from a store ready-made. I am primarily self-taught (with the help of a few relatives) and started my sewing adventures on my grandmother's treadle sewing machine. I continued in the garment sewing arena (with an occasional venture into the quilts and crafting areas) until moving to Greenville, SC from Naples, FL in 1996. Soon after my arrival in Greenville I contacted the Husqvarna–Viking Web site for information on the Designer 1. They passed my name along to Bobby at VSQ and we began a short e-mail exchange that resulted in me buying a "D1" (my 4th Viking sewing machine). I was attracted by both the embroidery features and the customization possibilities. Soon after taking Bobby's intro courses in embroidery software, I began helping out with software lessons and have been doing so ever since. I continue to enjoy all areas of sewing and have recently returned some of my allotted sewing time (I hold a full-time position with a local Greenville bank as well) to garment sewing. I'm teaching the Brief Escapes jacket class this spring along with my normal array of software classes and I am now the very proud owner of a Designer SE.



Cathy Dyer

I have been quilting for approximately 10-12 years and working for Bobby & Sara for the last 3 years at VSQ. My background in sewing stems from early days doing any type of needlework possible from hand embroidery to needlepoint and cross stitch to garment sewing to now quilting. I have a degree in Electrical Engineering and an analytical mind that helps me break down quilts and quilt blocks in to manageable units.

Jeffie McManus

Jeffie McManus

I have been sewing since I was 6 years old. My grandmother tried to teach me how to piece quilts on her treadle machine when I stayed with her before I started school. I really learned in earnest when I was 10 years old. I sewed for my mother and myself for several years. My mother could sew some, but why bother when she had me to make her clothes. I went on to college and majored in Home Economics Education. I taught school about 3 years before I started a family and became a stay-at-home mom. During this time I made most of my children’s clothes when they were small. Then my son outgrew my sewing. My daughter always wanted me to sew for her because no one had clothes like hers. I made prom dresses for her, wedding dresses for my daughter and daughter-in-law, bridal attendant dresses for a couple of weddings, and home dec for several years for myself and as a business. After working at Hancock Fabrics for 5 years I came to work for Sara and begin to learn to piece quilts and thoroughly enjoy trying and learning new techniques from all the quilters I come in contact with every day at VSQ. I also enjoy embroidery on my DI and being creative any way I can to combine quilting and embroidery.

Dianna Satterfield

I am the newest employee at VSQ --started the end of Nov. I can't remember when sewing was not a part of my world. Over 40 years ago, I became interested in sewing from my mother and grandmother. My grandmother was an avid quilter. I can remember hand quilting with her when the quilt hung from the ceiling in her living room and I was barely big enough to reach the quilt. I did not begin piecing my own quilt tops until 4 years ago. My mother is an excellent seamstress. She was also an instructor. I became her personal student. Mother's expertise was tailoring, so we made men's and ladies' suits among all our clothes!


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